Pursuing excellence through arts

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VARIASI was established in 2001 as a non-profit arts group in Singapore. VARIASI has since gained recognition and respect across the region as an incubator for aspiring young artists and practitioners of excellence. VARIASI, which literally means Variety, combines all aspects of traditional and contemporary Malay performing arts including theatre, dance and music. Our utmost priority is to provide a platform for youths to nurture their talents as well as maximizing their potential creativity by offering an opportunity to pursue their passion in performing arts.

VARIASI has produced more than 40 productions including Festivals, Community Arts Education Programme and Cultural Showcase. VARIASI received several awards such as Shine Award (2009) for our first musical theatre – Kolej 56 and National Day 2010 (Silver Award) by Ministry of Defence.

In 2018, VARIASI has represented Singapore for Rentas Sastera Nusantara collaborating with a renowned theater group Sanggar Teater Fauziah Nawi (STEFANI) and Dewan Bahasa Pustaka from Malaysia. Under Variasi’s wings, she has Teater Variasi (Theatre and Literary Arts), Artis Tari Variasi (Dance Ensemble) and Cilik Skool (Junior Artiste). VARIASI aims to promote Mentoring and Volunteerism in Arts. 


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To empower our youth by building their character and developing their skills in the area of performing arts. 

Core Values 

  • A-daptable

  • R-esponsible

  • T-rust

  • S-ynergy


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Our Arts Residency Unit

Teater Variasi

Teater Variasi is an arts residential unit under Variasi that oversees Drama, Musical and Literature work. Formed in 2001, Teater Variasi has received Young Change Maker Grant and Shine Grant by National Youth Council to produce several Theatre play, Musical and Drama programmes for the youths. 

Cilik Skool

CILIK SKOOL is a children performing arts unit under the management of Variasi Performing Arts which was formed in June 2011. Our mission is to provide innovative art through creative programs (Play and Learn) that touches the hearts and minds of children. We are committed to developing the skills, new work and reach out to new groups while maintaining high levels of performing arts. To nurture new talents, Variasi often organised workshops and classes for children. 

Artis Tari Variasi

Artis Tari Variasi (Dance Ensemble of VARIASI) is an Arts Resident Unit for VARIASI since it was formed in 2001.  For many years, ATV stretched the boundaries of Malay Dance Scene in Singapore bringing a unique quality of Malay Dance under the creative direction of our choreographer, Raja Hamzah.

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Our Arts Education Programmes

Lab Seni – arts training programme

LabSeni is a capability development training programme that has been supported by National Arts Council. The programme catered for Malay Students/ Youths to enhance their non-academic skills in arts. It started as a pilot project 2008 from a programme called ‘ROOTS’ (Arts Camp). The programme is to identify talents and provide them trainings as well as platform to develop their skills in performing arts.

akar – bina bakat, teguh budaya

Under LabSeni, AKAR Arts Camp is a continuation of the previous traditional roots programme (TRP), which began in 2008 and subsequently, in 2013, and between 2016 to 2019. We aim to guide our youth participants in building their self-confidence, character and values as a performer in Malay dance and/or theatre.