Arts Education Programme

Arts Camp

AKAR Arts Camp is a continuation of the previous Traditional Roots Programme (TRP), which began in 2008 and subsequently, in 2013, and between 2016 to 2019. This year’s arts camp theme “Bina bakat, teguh budaya” highlights the importance of building strong foundation in order to ensure continuity and progress. Hence, our youth participants will be exploring and discovering their potential in developing their stage performing skills, namely in Malay dance and/or theatre. We also aim to guide our youth participants in building their self-confidence, character and values as a performer in Malay dance and/or theatre.

Through this platform, amongst many others, Variasi Performing Arts seeks to continue our tradition in preparing our youth as prepared talents in the local performative arts’ scene. AKAR! Arts Camp is part of the LabSeni Programme in Variasi which aims to further develop the talents and skills of selected participants in the SEMAI programme, a 10-session training programme conducted by trainers well-versed in the Malay dance and theatre scene that looks into enhancing their stage performing skills at intermediate level, and graduate with a HASIL showcase put up by the participants themselves as a manifestation of the knowledge, skills and guidance that they have acquired throughout their whole-year learning journey. Graduated participants will then follow through the advanced level training programme in Year 2, where participants will also begin to immerse themselves in production work.

Lab Seni

LabSeni is a new capability development training programme which catered for Malay Students/ Youths to enhance their non-academic skills in arts. It started as a pilot project 2008 from a programme called ‘ROOTS’ (Arts Camp). The programme is to identify talents and provide them trainings as well as platform to develop their skills in performing arts.

Through series of ROOTS, the programme were customised for a specifically targeted group. Thereafter, it was renamed as LABSENI-Inspiring creativity through courage. We aspire to discover, understand and develop natural talents of youths through this programme. With a multi-pronged approach towards these aims, programmes under LabSeni- Arts Education Learning Programme framework will actively engage young talents towards unlocking their full potential and build strong foundations leading to future success in their lives.

LabSeni helps young activists to enhance their skills in various area of arts and build their knowledge appropriately, which allows them to create new works, new ideas and new initiatives through performing arts.