Arts Residency Unit

Cilik Skool

CILIK SKOOL is a children performing arts unit under the management of Variasi Performing Arts which was formed in June 2011. Our mission is to provide innovative art through creative programs (Play and Learn) that touches the hearts and minds of children. We are committed to developing the skills, new work and reach out to new groups while maintaining high levels of performing arts. To nurture new talents, Variasi often organised workshops and classes for children. It also periodically presents as well as signifies local production as part of their Repertory. The one year programme provides arts education programmes that based on the skills learning in music, drama and dance together with character development & social- emotional learning (SEL). Cilik Skool also promotes student learning using Malay Language. The following self-values will be taught to guide the programme for the children.

Honesty (Kejujuran)
Caring (Keprihatinan)
Respect (Hormat)
Teamwork (Kerjasama)

Cilik Skool has introduced several concept of programmes that includes the Traditional Arts and Roots programme such as Angklung, Taklempong Musical Instruments, Speech and Drama.

Teater Variasi

Teater Variasi is an arts residential unit under Variasi that oversees Drama, Musical and Literature work. Formed in 2001, Teater Variasi has received Young Change Maker Grant and Shine Grant by National Youth Council to produce several Theatre play, Musical and Drama programmes for the youths. Having presented more than 30 original plays in Singapore and abroad including Malaysia for their collaboration work in Rentas Sastera Nusantara and Projek Tiga (Finale), Teater Variasi is also committed to international exchange and networking programme between Singapore and other countries, through staging the company’s plays abroad and inviting foreign works to be presented through dialogues, workshops and training opportunities as well as creative collaborations leading to interdisciplinary productions.

Artis Tari Variasi

Artis Tari Variasi (Dance Ensemble of VARIASI) is an Arts Resident Unit for VARIASI since it was formed in 2001.  For many years, ATV stretched the boundaries of Malay Dance Scene in Singapore bringing a unique quality of Malay Dance under the creative direction of our choreographer, Raja Hamzah.

VARIASI repertoire’s includes traditional, contemporary and new creative Malay Dance. Artis Tari Variasi has participated numerous of both local & international festival and productions such as :

  • Festival Nusantara Indonesia
  • Homestay Programme, Pelegong Negeri Sembilan
  • Zapin D’ Muara
  • Muara Festival
  • Gentarasa
  • Magika Pak Pandir
  • Ubin Hari Raya Festival
  • Chingay 2006
  • National Day 2010 & 2011
  • Tunas Berseni
  • Singapore River Night Festival
  • Singapore Heritage Festival
  • Istana Open House