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Projek Rewang


REWANG loosely translated as ‘Gotong Royong’ means mutual help, going hand in hand with the kampung spirit, the spirit of community and neighbourliness. Projek REWANG is a collaboration effort that showcases Arts & Culture, comprising of Dance, Play, Literature, Music and Visuals to the community. Visitors will get a chance to sample the rich Malay culture presented in the style of street performances.

The project is made up of deeply rooted cultural and artistic expressions specific to the Malay Community. Each of the Traditional Arts practice provides a focal point for Singaporeans to explore their roots and achieve a deeper connection with the communities.

A pilot Projek Rewang named “CERITERA PRIBUMI SINGAPURA – Passages from Sulalatus Salatin & Syair Potong Gaji” is all about the learning of the history of the pribumis through the selected traditional literary texts presented via performative arts!

This will let audience to immerse themselves in the learning of Singapura’s history dating back to the founding of Temasek by Seri Teri Buana through artistic recitations of selected passages in the Sulalatus Salatin (The Malay Annals) in the special exhibits’ galleries, and experience the agitation of the surpressed Indigenous Malays during the colonial rule through the creative performance of Syair Potong Gaji, all while being part of the entire 60- minute interactive play cum historical learning trail at the Malay Heritage Centre.

Play: “CERITERA PRIBUMI SINGAPURA – Passages from Sulalatus Salatin & Syair Potong Gaji”

Date: TBC

Arts Camp


AKAR Arts Camp is a continuation of the previous Traditional Roots Programme (TRP), which began in 2008 and subsequently, in 2013, and between 2016 to 2019.

This year’s arts camp theme “Bina bakat, teguh budaya” highlights the importance of building strong foundation in order to ensure continuity and progress. Hence, our youth participants will be exploring and discovering their potential in developing their stage performing skills, namely in Malay dance and/or theatre. We also aim to guide our youth participants in building their self-confidence, character and values as a performer in Malay dance and/or theatre.

Participants will go through a 3-day boot camp that includes:

• Team bonding activities
• Problem-solving games
• Rigorous dance and theatre workshop conducted by our very own Variasi’s dance and theatre seniors/mentors.
• Creative & Interactive Group Showcase incorporating K-W-L (what they know, what they want to learn and what they have learnt from the workshops) based on the camp’s theme at the end of their learning process during the camp.

Date: TBC

At the end of the camp, participants will:

• gain a better understanding of the basic tenet(s) of Malay dance and Malay theatre
• build character and develop confidence as a youth and arts ambassador
• appreciate Malay language vis-a-vis its performative arts


Register at https://akarartscamp2020.peatix.com now!



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